“A clean, modern, memorable environment” is our basic policy. We’ve chosen furniture to deliver a high quality, yet simple, cozy warmth for your personal space.

The unique color scheme of the interior gives a sense of comfort, and produces an enjoyable atmosphere that you won’t get bored of, even for longer stays.


View from the guest room

We think of the view as an important part of a relaxing environment.
Some of the rooms have a complete view of Sakurajima and the Kagoshima City area.

Close Up

Interior with a Scandinavian feel

Take our desks and the unique form of the Seven chair: when you actually use it, and you will find that it’s not just the exterior design that’s polished, it’s a structure for comfort and functionality as well.


Sun Days Inn Kagoshima

9-8, Yamanokuchi, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima,892-0844, Japan

Reservations, contact details  +81-99-227-5151