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Great deals for Sun Days Inn Members

  1. Free hotel voucherCollect 10 points, and we’ll present you with a free night’s stay in a single room (1 point per night)
  2. Discount room rates for members Book your next stay through our great value members’ phone reservation service or members’ only booking service.
  3. Quick reservation and check-inShow us your membership number, and cut down on time spent booking and checking in.
  4. Free membership card service available nowThe usual fee for the membership card is 200 yen, but as an opening special, the membership card is now free. (When a card is lost, we will re-issue the card and add on the accrued points before it was lost for a fee of 300 yen. When a card is re-issued, the total number of points shown in the member’s card account history is shown.)

How to join (download membership form)

  • For personal members (admission fee : 300 yen, no annual fee) We accept membership applications at the front desk. Please fill in the “Sun Days Inn Membership Application Form” and hand it in at the front desk. We will
  • For corporate members (no admission fee or annual fee) Either fill in the “Sun Days Inn Membership Application Form” and hand it in at the front desk or register by fax. Corporate members have free admission and no annual fees, and guests introduced by corporate members will be eligible for a corporate members’ discount.
    There is no membership card. When booking online, booking must go through “General online / corporate online booking”. The quickest method is to hand in the membership form with a business card attached of your representative in charge of booking.

Points to note

  • When using the hotel voucher to book rooms other than single rooms, we will charge you the difference in rate.
  • The hotel voucher cannot be changed for cash; change and rate differences cannot be returned.
  • Reissuing membership cards requires a 300 yen (tax incl) fee. (Points accrued before reissuing will be carried forward.)
  • During events etc., we may change the conditions of point services.

Membership agreement

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