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Our company is Takeyama Sangyou Co., Ltd, based on Amami Oshima.

Amami Oshima is located approximately 380 km from Kagoshima on the way to Okinawa, and is an island rich in nature, with its sub-tropical climate, beautiful forests, blue skies, emerald green seas, and full of the warmth of its people.

February 1980, our company opened the Amami Sun Plaza Hotel. It was extended and renovated in September 1988, with 67 guest rooms, a multi-purpose hall on the 2nd floor, 5 small and medium banquet halls on the 3rd floor, and a meeting room on the top 11th floor.
November 2003, we were host to Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress on the 50th anniversary of the restoration of Amami Oshima to Japan. In July this year, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the hotel, we restored the guest rooms, meeting rooms and banquet halls, incorporating resort designs, and built barrier-free and disabled/elderly access bathrooms in answer to the needs of customers in recent years.

On this occasion, we began construction of a sister hotel in the middle of Tenmonkan in Kagoshima City in .
On Sun Days Inn Kagoshima , we celebrated its grand opening.
This hotel, with 351 rooms on 14 floors, has the most rooms of any business hotel in southern Kyushu.
As a safe, secure and comfortable hotel for business guests and guests on holidays, we strive to play our partin the local community as well as answer our customers’ every need.

Sun Days Inn Kagoshima, company profile

Company name Takeyama Sangyou Co., Ltd
Capital 20 million yen
Founded 21st December 1988
Address 29-25, Nazekomata, Amami-shi, Kagoshima, Japan
Representative CEO Shinnosuke Takeyama
Licenses Hotel business permit, Health Center Director, Kagoshima City
Restaurant business permit, Health Center Director, Kagoshima City
Business Activities Operation of hotel, restaurant
Related Businesses Amami Sunplaza Hotel

Sun Days Inn Kagoshima

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